Spray Technology In Mining

For over 70 years Monitor Engineering has been supplying quality spray nozzles and spray solutions to the following industries. Food, Beverage, Steel, Pulp & Paper, PetroChemical , Mining , Agriculture and many more. Contact us for assistance with any of your spray applications.

Other key spray applications in mining include :

Fire Protection

We offer a wide range of UL certified spray nozzles for protection of:

  • Conveyors
  • Storage areas
  • Transformers
  • Water curtains
  • High pressure mist



Spiral Jet

Pollution Control

Gas cooling

Poor control of gas temperature, volume and / or humidity often results in excessive emission levels, downtime due to ESP overload, reduced efficiency of damage to downstream equipment, wetting and sludge build-up, and increased energy costs. Depend on Spraying Systems Co. for the process expertise you need to avoid these problems. We’ve got the resources needed to simulate your operating conditions, along with a broad product range and proven track record of success. 

Spray Injectors

FloMax Nozzles

Gas Cooling

Gas scrubbing nozzles

At Spraying Systems Co. we have an extensive product line of spray nozzles used in wet scrubber applications, as well as a range of standard lances and injectors readily available, with custom lances designed and fabricated upon request.
If your company is serious about achieving real pollution control targets, look no further than Spraying Systems Co.  We have the expertise and experience to deliver the results you need with these applications:

  • Wet flue gas desulphurisation (FGD) for SO2 control
  • Semi-dry FGD
  • Emergency quench
  • Air oxidation
  • Mist eliminator equipment wash-down 

UD FullJet

WhirlJet Nozzle

Silicone Carbide nozzle

Evaporative Disposal

Spraying run-off water and chemicals into the air to evaporate is a low cost option to control waste dam sizes

Spray Ponds

SpiralJet Nozzles

WhirlJet Nozzle

Belt Washing

Conveyor cleaning systems and nozzles prevent loss of production and costly down time.

High pressure belt wash

VeeJet Nozzles

Spray bar

Wet Screening

Using the right spray products and ensuring spray nozzles are working properly are two critical points for effective ore cleaning during WET screening operations.

Key issues to consider

  • Lack of filtration
  • Correct spray nozzle selection
  • Spray nozzle spacing
  • Worn spray nozzles




Foam Control

Control build-up of foam in aeration and settling basins, digesters, mixing vessels, weirs and spillnaries using our range of non-clogg FullJet nozzles.

If the spray droplets from the nozzle are to small ,they will not penetrate the bubble surface and suppress the foam..

If the droplets are too big and have too much velocity, they will push through the foam ,and impact on the liquid below causing more foam.

Non-clogg Nozzle

Full cone nozzle

QuickJet nozzles

Tank Mixing Eductors

Widely used to mix tanks, dams, settling ponds.

Eliminate the need for costly mixing equipment inside the tank.

Available in a variety of sizes and materials.

CFD- tank mixing

Eductor nozzles

Tank Mixing

Coal washing

Is water consumption and sustainaility important to you in your coal wash plant. Look to our range of precision engineered range of VeeJet and FlatJet nozzles that provide maximum washing impact with minimal water usage.

We also provide a wide range of Quick connect and dove tail nozzles for washing of linear screens, vacuum belt filters and belt presses.


Plastic FlatJet

Quick Connect