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What is Rotamix?


Vaughan’s Rotamix® system is today’s most cost effective means of mechanical jet mixing, consisting of an engineered arrangement of floor mounted nozzles fed by a Vaughan® chopper pump. Using custom engineering software, each application is analyzed and sized by Vaughan in order to achieve the desired mixing effect. Vaughan Rotamix
The Rotamix system may be applied in circular, rectangular, and oval tanks and basins, and other unique process configurations such as egg shape digesters, CSO tunnels and pump stations.

The Concept

The Rotamix® system incorporates several basic principles of physics and hydraulics, including uniform field of flow, vortical field of flow, induced flow and surface contact. Combined together, this unique mixing system optimises solids contact due to the homogenous state.

Dual-Zone Mixing

Dual Zone MixingThe Rotamix® dual zone mixing pattern isa combination of both uniform and vertical fields of flow (see Figure 1). In a uniform field of flow, the entire contents rotates as a solid unit with the highest velocity at the outside. In a vortical field of flow, fluid velocities are the greatest at the center, thus creating a vertical-axis xortex. The Rotamix® system combines both uniform rotation (ZONE 2), and a vertical-axis votrex (ZONE 1), creating unique dual-rotational zones. With dual-zone mixing, average velocities arehigher and more steady (see Table 1). Solids are also prevented from settling in the center.

Induced Flow

Induced Flow at NozzleHigh velocity nozzles also increase the effective mixing volume by inducing entrained fluid, thus significantly increasing the overall mixing effect (see Figure 2). High velocity zozzles induce flow over a long distance, thus generating an overall effect over a large volume.

Surface Contact

The Vaughan chopper pump not only eliminates nozzle clogging, but also optimises surface contact by constantly reducing solids size, thus increasing total surface area.

Monitor Engineering are the Southern African representatives for the Rotamix Mechanical Mixing System by Vaughan. Click here to visit the Rotamix website.