Mining and Quarrying

Simple build and a design with no dynamic seals give Hydra-Cell pumps big advantages in many mining and quarrying applications.

For example, grey water with abrasive solids often gives trouble to piston plunger pumps and multi-stage centrifugal pumps, whose designs rely on seals exposed to wear.  Seal-less Hydra-Cell pumps handle recycled water easily.  Also corrosives and caustic liquids.

Why Hydra-Cell?
Hydra-Cell pumps are seal-less. No seals, no seal wear – No leaks. No loss of performance. No frequent repairs. Less downtime. Long-term reliability, with minimal routine maintenance and low repair costs.

Hydra-Cell pumps can handle solids up to 1mm, or more. They can be pumped without fine filtration. System costs are reduced and maintenance is simplified.

The flow rate of a Hydra-Cell pump is constant, regardless of pressure. The relationship between flow and pump speed is a straight line. Flow is easily controlled within ± 1% accuracy simply by controlling pump speed – with turndown ratios of 10:1 or better.

Flow is steady, with little pulsation.

Hydra-Cell pumps can run dry without damage. Innovative Kel-Cell technology protects diaphragms even in abnormal system conditions.

Energy savings.

Cost and space saving through simple, compact design.

Wide choice of materials for pump body and elastomers.

Most pumps in the Hydra-Cell range can operate at any pressure from <1 bar up to at least 70 bar. Some models up to 170 bar.

High pressure capability and low pulsation – basic Hydra-Cell features – make the pumps ideal for seal-flushing, protecting high-volume slurry and ground water pumps from expensive early failure.

Physically compact and energy efficient, using relatively small motors, Hydra-Cell pumps fit readily into mobile machinery.

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  • Bentonite slurry
  • Caustic solutions
  • Cyanide concentrate
  • Drill head cooling
  • Dust suppression
  • Ethylene glycol
  • Pressure boost
  • Pressure inject
  • Plus many more

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